Research scheme
  1. Genome-wide characterization of recombination partner choice of homologs and sister chromatids
    • CRISPR screen + single-cell sequencing (sci-L3-WGS/target-seq/Strand-seq)
    • Yeast, mouse, human etc.
  2. Genome-wide mapping of heteroduplex DNA
    • Single-cell sequencing (sci-L3-MC)
    • Yeast
  3. Systematically investigate effect from tissue-of-origin on genome instability
    • Single-cell sequencing (sci-L3-DNA/RNA co-assay)
    • Worm, fly, mouse etc.
  4. Construct dense linkage maps in non-model organisms
    • Single-cell sequencing (sci-L3-WGS)
    • Non-human primates etc.
  5. DNA repair gene finding in unculturable microbes
    • Something new
    • Soil?